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Are you looking to optimize your business processes and marketing operations to increase your visibility and profitability? We advise, consult, train, staff and implement strategic management and marketing operations that produce profitable results.

The Problems All Businesses Face...

Working In, Not On, Your Business

As a start-up or new business that’s taking off, your business will need all facets of its functionality to operate smoothly.


Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing – they all need to be running efficiently to support revenue growth. But you’re still somewhere between $500,000-10 million in top-line revenue.


Maybe you just do not have the manpower to handle every moving part. You have some operational areas nailed down, but your business is ready for a full-fledged marketing plan to spur growth and scale.

Wearing Too Many Hats

You’re constantly in charge of developing products and services, packaging, staffing, hiring, operations, financial decisions, legal decisions, strategic planning, and more.


You’re wearing too many hats and tend to get bogged down “in the business” rather than working “on the business”. You’ve been working hard to grow and expand your business.


Marketing quickly becomes an afterthought.

No KPIs, No Marketing Results

Before you can properly craft a marketing plan for your business, you need to understand your core model.

  • Do you know your numbers?
  • Do you know your audience?
  • Do you know your competitors?
  • Do you know where to reach your potential customers?
  • Even if you do, do you have a clear message?
  • How will you convey that message for maximum impact and reception in the marketplace?


We provide operating advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations on marketing issues, such as developing marketing objectives and policies, sales forecasting, new product development and pricing, licensing and franchising planning, and creating long-term marketing planning and strategies with an eye toward minimizing costs and maintaining profit.

If you are in a position where you need to completely outsource your marketing, you need SimplicityCMO. Let our team evaluate where your business is and where it needs to go. We will take care of everything – strategic planning, establish KPIs, hire and build out the entire team, manage all assets, negotiate with vendors, and set budgets.

Once your marketing department is fully up to speed, and you want to bring someone in-house to run what we’ve created, we will then source the best CMO, VP, and Director of Marketing talent options out there for you. Even long after the hand-off, you will always be able to contact us for advice and direction as needed. We are available to you for consultation as long as your business exists.

Industries We Serve


Ratings, ratings, ratings. SimplicityCMO can put those goals in reach with targeted research and a wealth of first-hand knowledge from spending years at all levels in broadcasting.

Real Estate

We have worked with real estate networks to enhance and develop their marketing assets backed by data and testing for continued improvement. 


We have helped healthcare professionals in their efforts to strike out on their own, whether starting their own individual practices or consulting businesses, and ensure strict compliance standards. 

Financial Services

Financial data and marketing is a sensitive area and must be handled appropriately at all levels. We specialize in marketing and processes that protect financial identities while generating new leads.


We are not limited by location. Our professionals are globally trained in the customs and business practices of a variety of countries around the world. Whether it’s a nonprofit in Ghana, or a financial services business in the Cayman Islands, SimplicityCMO has assisted in their growth.


We believe in contributing good to our world. Nonprofits have an especially difficult time launching and gearing up to fight for donations and followings that can influence the extent of their outcomes. We know the process inside and out, and will help your nonprofit succeed and grow.

Enhance your operational efficiency and increase productivity...

Get your FREE Marketing Strategy Call

Before the Call

You will answer a brief questionnaire and provide basics about your business and details of your products/services. You’ll also indicate what mechanisms you’re using now, and what tactics you’d like to employ. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats. Tell me as much as you can. I’ll assess your current strategic approach and provide a variety of tactics that you can implement after our call to help you.


  • Background/Discovery
  • Current Approaches
  • SWOT Assessment

During the Call

We’ll discuss your business, your goals, and quickly establish what’s working for you and what’s not. Together, we will begin generating a rough blueprint of a marketing plan. In it, we will formulate steps to serve as a roadmap to marketing success. I will offer advice on any strategic shifts that may need to be considered, any staffing deficiencies evident, as well as offer my take on the proper channels that you need to use to reach your goals.


  • Clarify Goals
  • Uncover Actionable Solutions
  • Channel Analysis

After the Call

If you love what you hear, but don’t want to continue plugging along on doing it all on your own, then we can discuss how you can get started with SimplicityCMO to help grow your business. Upon implementation, we’ll take over your marketing from day one. We’ll build out your marketing team, and set your company up with consistent, actionable, results-driven marketing channels that drive your revenues. We’ll manage all the details, data and decisions.


  • Options with SimplicityCMO
  • Solution Implementation
  • Establish Long-Term Growth
We enjoy getting to know entrepreneurs and business owners just like you every day. Our team has been there, done it, and know how offering an outside fresh perspective can be very helpful.

There's no obligation beyond the call, but we believe you'll see why working with SimplicityCMO will be one of the best executive decisions you'll make.

Happy Clients

" Gavin and his team are, by far, the most knowledgeable and intelligent mass media/internet savvy professionals I have ever known. I have been constantly impressed and fascinated with their ability to create the unusual and to take our ideas beyond the levels we had imagined. It is truly a pleasure to recommend Gavin and SimplicityCMO to anyone who is ready to take their business and communications to a completely different level. "
" Gavin P. Smith and his team joined us in co-founding D2 Media, a company initially focused on bringing internet broadcast resources to the drug development and medical device industries. He and his team have tremendous knowledge and experience in digital and social media as well as expertise in traditional broadcasting and journalism. At D2 Media, they were instrumental in creating our online capabilities as well as in our efforts to build our audience and extend our capabilities. "

Gavin P. Smith

Gavin’s expertise meets perfectly at the intersection of media, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Gavin has 20+ years of experience developing and executing award-winning broadcast operations and digital marketing strategy.

Through his fractional CMO service – SimplicityCMO, and through his omni-channel media and marketing service – Crystal Coast Media & Marketing, Gavin works with a network of global business experts to improve processes and market reach for global businesses and nonprofits in a variety of sectors.

Gavin holds a Master of Global Management (MGM) with distinction and Beta Gamma Sigma from Thunderbird School of Global Management, an MBA from William & Mary Mason School of Business, and a BA in History from Wake Forest University.

Our Advisors

SimplicityCMO utilizes a global, virtual remote staff of 4-6 global management and marketing executive professionals in various core disciplines.

Once retained, we become a natural extension of your business. We engage with you via email, phone, live chat, or skype video/voice chat on an as-needed basis. In certain cases, we utilize remote desktop server connections or shared meeting platforms for presentations/training. 

While most all management advisory and marketing work can be handled remotely, we are happy to make on-site visits to clients where necessary. At SimplicityCMO, we believe in building sustainable, long-term relationships with our clients.

Let the Numbers Speak

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